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Flight booking help
If you have a problem with a flight booking, need to change or cancel a flight, you will need to contact the airline or travel agent that sent you the booking confirmation.
You should be able to find contact information for the airline or agent on their website or on the booking confirmation itself.

If you need assistance with a ticket purchased via the Dohop booking page, please speak to our Customer Service Bot in the bottom right corner for support in multiple languages 24/7. For additional help or contact options, visit our support page.

While you used Dohop to search for the best prices on flights, your booking confirmation is with the airline or travel partner. We cannot see or send you booking details or make any changes to your booked itinerary.
Hotel booking help
If you have a problem with a hotel booking, need to change or cancel, will handle everything on our behalf. You will find everything you need at’s Customer Service site or you can call them directly, 24/7, at +44 20 3320 2609.
Car rental help
Our partners will take care of any rental car and car hire questions you might have. If you booked your car before the 10th of December please click here and if you booked it after the 11th of December click here.